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Wholesaler Rhapis Multifida Burret Palm

Rhapis multifida is considered as the most elegant specias of the genus and consequently is very sought for by the collectors. they are quite similar to rhapis humilis and for long it has been considered as a variety of thr latter.

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Rhapis Multifida Burret is a angiosperms (Flowering Seed Plants) (Monocotyledon). They likes to grown in loose, breathable and well drained slightly acidic organic sandy soil in a warm, cool and airy environment. Make sure give them plenty of light, water and fertilizer during growth. Shade well in summer, move plants indoors in winter, keep the temperature above 16 degrees and control fertilization.

Wholesaler Rhapis Multifida Burret Palm

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Wholesaler Rhapis Multifida Burret PalmWholesaler Rhapis Multifida Burret PalmWholesaler Rhapis Multifida Burret Palm

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