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Ficus lollipop
Oct 29, 2021

The lollipop plant (Botanical name: ficus lyrata) is a sub-tropical species which will create an instant exclamation point in your garden landscape. Lollipop plants refer to plants that have been shaped to form a trunk and rounded head, They’re easy to produce – all you need is a suitable plant, a commitment to regular pruning and shaping, and most important of all, patience.

Step 1: The important thing is to choose multi-forked plants, which is conducive to growing the shape easierly, and then cut according to the same level.

Step 2: Feed the ficus lyrata more water and sunsight, keep the greenhouse more moisure and high temperature under this process.

The condition 3 weeks later:

The condition 5 weeks later:

The condition 6 weeks later:

Step 3: After the new roots and leaves come out, start to feed them fertilizer, and also moisure and temperature, can take off some shade on this stage, about 50% shade is better

Step 4: Prune the branch for 2-3 time, the lollipop shape will be ready

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